U.P.: $120/hour

Cell Activation Body Therapy

Combining human bio-electricity technology, Western medicinal techniques and traditional Chinese medicinal principles from acupuncture, cupping and scraping, to create a unique and powerful experience of relaxation and rejuvenation. Customized to your body’s needs and directed at specific meridian points, this Cell Activation Therapy brings new relief to your aches and pain.


The Cell Activation Therapy utilizes the principles of natural oscillation of Oberon system, to strengthen the natural oscillation frequency of human body and restores the nine system functions of the human body – Respiration, Skin, Skeleton, Immunity, Internal Secretion, Digestion, Excretion, Reproduction and Neurology.


Enjoy the comfort and assurance that only pure herbal ingredients are used and skillfully massaged by our therapist’s soothing hands in this modern care therapy.


•  Relieve muscle fatigue, and stiff ache problems

•  Improve quality of sleep and insomnia problems

•  Helps to relieve headaches and migraines

•  Helps in Detoxification

•  Cellulites reduction

•  Helps in weight loss, & slimming

•  Repair cells and improves the functions of organs

•  Improves circulation in the blood


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